The creator and Editor-in-Chief of the Marvel Database Project is Jamie Hari, but being as this is a non-profit site, there are no 'employees' per se. Everyone that contributes to our project is greatly appreciated. We encourage you to register a user name of your own so you can help edit and get credit for the content you add!

The staff members listed below are recognized by the MDP as leaders and experts in their respective areas of work. We ask that if you have a concern and you wish to contact a staff member, you first try and resolve the situation on the Forums.

Senior MDP Members (listed by start date):

Jamie Hari (Jamie
Database/Site Administrator. Researcher. Editor-in-Chief. (March 18th, 2005) - Email Jamie
Halley McPolin (Halley
Lead Art Director. Project Consultant. News - Journalist. (March 18th, 2005) - Email Halley
Robert Alvarez (Robert Alvarez
Lead Forum Moderator. (May 9th, 2005) - Email Robert Alvarez
Erik (psilorder
Lead Comic Researcher. Contributing Editor. (May 14th, 2005) - Email psilorder
Soon Van (Sleeper
Researcher. Contributing Editor. (May 22nd, 2005) - Email Sleeper
Researcher. Contributing Editor. (June 16th, 2005) - Email Darkhawk
James Kuehn (Perfectbrak
Researcher. Contributing Editor. (June 17th, 2005) - Email Perfectbrak
Researcher. Contributing Editor. (July 25th, 2005) - Email Kokushishin

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