Marvel Database
  • The third installment of the X-Men movie series breaks box-office records with opening long weekend sales.
  • The biggest cast of superheroes in a video game, with over 140+ different characters, is coming soon from Marvel. The game, called Marvel: Ultimate Alliance, is expected to be released for PC and all major consoles in 2007. (Full story)
  • Marvel announces it has entered into an agreement with the Cartoon Network for exclusive domestic broadcast rights for an all-new highly-anticipated animated series based on the Fantastic Four franchise. (Full story)
  • Cliff Robertson, now known as Spider-Man's uncle, annouces he'll be back in in Spider-Man 3 as the ghostly personae of the murdered Ben Parker. (Full story)
  • Marvel head Avi Arad reveals that there is a screenwriter already working on the script for a live-action Captain America. (Full story)